Twin City: Dourdan – France

Ville de DourdanThe city of Dourdan is located 40 km south west of Paris, in the Essonne department (Île de France region). It is the county town of Dourdan, seat of the Le Dourdannais en Hurepoix community of communes, and of the Dourdan deanery.

In order to defend and promote our French heritage, twinning with Dourdan is a way to strengthen historical ties. This partnership was established in 1989.

2014 is an important year, since it marked the 25th anniversary of the twinning of the cities of Lac-Mégantic and Dourdan.

Dourdan Grande halle
Covered market of Dourdan. The first covered market of Dourdan, built in the 13th century, was entirely made of wood. It was expanded in 1480 and 1486. Until the 17th century, the first level hosted royal auditors where civil, judicial, feudal and forest-based lawsuits were conducted. This is also where the Citizens’ General Assembly took place. In 1829, the fort being rather dilapidated, it was decided to demolish the building and rebuild it. La Halle, very 19th century-style, is composed of a massive fort made of stone for its facade, prolonged by a central alley bordered by wooden pillars fixed to carved sandstone bases. The back portion is made of two buildings that form the pavilions. Picture: Historical heritage of Dourdan 91410.

Dourdan: The Historical City

Located in a natural steep valley, bordered by flat land, the city of Dourdan grew over the centuries around its historic center and its 13th century castle.

Historic capital of Hurepoix, Dourdan benefits from a diverse heritage: from Gallo Roman pottery to custom-made houses indicating the urban expansion into the Île de France region at the beginning of the 20th century.

Located along the “wheat road” linking the large cereal shelf of Beauce to Paris, Dourdan remain, for many centuries, an important trade and commercial center, as evidenced by the old grain market-hall. This construction from the medieval era, replaced in 1836 by a new building, is still used today by businesses and craftsmen.

City of Potters

Built on the banks of the Orge River, Dourdan is a major pottery production center from the Gallo Roman era to medieval times. Urban archaeological excavations done in the 19th and 20th centuries unearthed many ovens and a rich collection of potteries, still preserved today at the Castle of Dourdan’s museum.

Dourdan Castle
The Castle of Dourdan, completed in 1222 by Philippe Auguste, was built on the site of a wooden building dating back to Hugues Capet. Its regular shape is typical of the “philippien” system. In Île-de-France, Dourdan is one of the only fortified cities from the 13th century that has kept most of its essential structures: donjon, towers, dry ditches… Starting in 1672, the castle is transformed into a prison by Philippe d’Orléans. As a county prison during the French Revolution, it is home to prisoners until 1852. The Castle is bought and divested to the Guyot family in 1864. Joseph Guyot spent his life restoring and fixing the old Castle. The building is registered as a Historical Monument since 1964. Photo : Tourism Essonne



CCI Nord Isère

CCI Nord IsèreCCI is a semi-public organization that represents the interests of businesses (industrial, shops, services) to public authorities.

CCI is composed of elected professionals and permanent staff. The elected professionals of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Nord-Isère has a twofold mission:

Bring to the public authorities the opinion and experience of their members on the state of the economy.

Provide members with technical tools useful to their business

The CCI Nord Isère Project

Reconstruction of  Lac-Mégantic’s harbor offices (Québec): Colibri project

Logo pôles innovations constructivesPôle Innovations Constructives is a center of excellence that brings together over 70 members representing the three key ingredients to  a competitive advantage:

  • Businesses from the “building” segment
  • Training and research centers (public and private research centers)
  • Institutions, partners and professional/trade associations

Based in Rhône-Alpes, recognized for its expertise in construction and sustainable urban development, particularly in Nord Isère, this center of excellence brings together partners at the local, national and international levels.


Working for the buildings of tomorrow to ensure quality and accessibility to all by integrating both sustainable development and functionality. Or, how to promote a new standard: high-quality buildings for everyone.

This means:

  • Working collectively on the materials, the construction and the construction processes, functions and use of the building
  • Enabling construction material companies to be trained, to be equipped, and to promote their know-how
  • Developing a global approach and managing communications between the different players, integrating very early all uses in order to optimize performance.

All these parameters, developed on a large scale, will enable the construction of a high-quality building while controlling costs and delays.

“Replica” building is over. Let’s make room for new processes for building quality that can inspire architectural creativity.

The center of excellence complements other centers of excellence and R&D, in addition to other competitive centers whereby they bring new perspectives of innovation and branding.

Nord Isère projet citron vert


Diagram (in French only)
Discover this international cooperation and solidarity project (in French only)

Delegation of Nord Isère in Lac-Mégantic

Délégation Nord Isère à Lac-Mégantic
In the picture: 1st row – Left to right Marie-Josée Loiselle – Business Development – Lac-Mégantic, Michel Gabillon – 1st VP CCI Nord Isère, Collette Roy Laroche – Mayor – Ville de Lac-Mégantic, Pierre-Olivier Boyer – President Pôle Innovations Constructives, Georges Burba — President Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat de l’Isère, Michel-André Durand – Director Grands Ateliers de Villefontaine 2nd row – Left to right Hervé Saulnier – VP Pôle Innovations Constructives, Jacques-Henri Daniel – Director International Development AEGE Concept, Sandra Veyret – Delegate general – CCI Nord Isère/Pôle Innovations Constructives, Cédric Michel – Director SIAF Ingénierie, Fabienne Joly– Responsible for International Delegations – Agence d’Études et de Promotion de l’Isère, Vincent Michel – Director Echo Energies Solutions, Thierry Roche – Architect – Atelier Thierry Roche & associates.


City of Farmington, Maine, USA

Farmington University
University of Maine in Farmington

Farmington LogoThe twinning of the city of Farmington with the city of Lac-Mégantic dates back to June 8 1991, and was officially signed by their respective mayors by Peter F. Tracy and Jean Lessard. The objective is to promote collaboration in the fields of education, culture, industry, tourism and economy.