Mayor for the City of Lac-Mégantic

JGCloutier 2015Lac-Mégantic is now positioned as an important industrial center in the southern part of Québec, and a Canadian leader in the wood , granite and agrofood sectors.

The proximity of Maine’s large forests was an important aspect in the development of the wood processing sector. Lac-Mégantic is home to Tafisa Canada, the largest producer of particle boards in North America, as well as to many international companies operating in the following fields: veneer and plywood, furniture, and doors. We aim at consolidating this strategic sector of our economy by encouraging new companies to establish themselves in this pole of excellence.

Our region is now the Canadian leader in the processing of organic grains and cereals, thanks to the rapid growth of La Meunerie Milanaise. The markets for this company’s products are mainly bakeries and pastry shops, but it also serves the vast organic flour consumer market, a promising niche that the region intends to develop further.

Benefiting from all essential services and facilities, the Lac-Mégantic industrial park is linked to the major highways and has direct access to a railway service – linked to Northeastern U.S. area, a great advantage for export companies.

The region offers an experienced, loyal and skilled workforce. The educational institutions within the territory tailor their training curriculum to the needs of the local employers. The costs are very competitive; our professional and personalized approach is well-appreciated in the realization of new projects.

In conclusion, Lac-Mégantic has a clear vision of sustainable development combined with the development of infrastructures and services in the health, education, recreational and cultural sectors. This enables the city to offer an exceptional quality of life and become attractive for any individual who wishes to flourish in his professional and personal life. The city of Lac-Mégantic, complemented by its industrial park and quality of life, is now one of the best alternatives to the overcrowded urban centers!


signature Jean-Guy Cloutier corrigée

Jean-Guy Cloutier, Mayor


Luc Berthold, MP, Mégantic-L’Érable (Government of Canada)

Luc BertholdAs the Member of Parliament for Mégantic—L’Érable, I am particularly proud of representing people who distinguished themselves with their dynamism and perseverance. Lac-Mégantic is a unique community in Québec and is comprised of proud and generous people.

Every time I look upon Lac-Mégantic, its population never cease to amaze me. The community got back on its feet, resilient and forward looking. A community which defines itself by the dynamism and engagement of every citizen. A community devoted to the development and the promotion of the municipality.

Doing business in Lac-Mégantic is being part of a community where everyone gets involved. Investing in Lac-Mégantic is synonymous with success because when we invest in such a dynamic community, the end result is always success on a greater scale.


Signature Luc Berthold

Luc Berthold, Député de Mégantic—L’Érable

Porte-parole adjoint de l’Opposition officielle en matière de transport et de sécurité ferroviaire



Ghislain Bolduc, Mégantic MP (Government of Québec)

Ghislain BolducThe strength of a region resides in its capacity to deal with good and bad news. Since 2013, the city of Lac-Mégantic and its citizens experienced their share of bad news and experiences. In spite of all this, the elected officials and the citizens were able to get back up, to find meaning in this terrible tragedy and to look ahead.

The city of Lac-Mégantic offers an exceptional quality of life, a dynamic population, attractive and diversified infrastructures that foster development, making it a unique place where living together is a priority.

I sincerely believe that the assets of the Mégantic region and the creativity of our entrepreneurs are making our region a favorable location for major investments. We will be able to bring a real entrepreneurial energy to everyday life. With this great energy, Lac-Mégantic can look to the future with confidence.

The message I wish to convey to those who are interested to invest in our region is that Lac-Mégantic is a city that has all the assets you need, and that it is ready to meet new challenges. In effect, our community includes audacious women and men who are determined to succeed, because everything is possible to anyone who tries, works hard and never gives up.

I can assure you that you will find in me a strong ally for any winning project for Lac-Mégantic.


Ghislain Bolduc



Ghislain Bolduc
Mégantic provincial MP