Textile – A Cutting-Edge Industry!

The province of Québec is the center of the Canadian textile industry. The industry consists mostly of small and medium enterprises. Some companies have abandoned traditional markets and have been working together to make specialized products.

The people involved in the sector have realized that in order to progress the industry had to focus on technology, specialized high-endand value-added products.

Needless to say that to target those new markets and supply what they needed, the industry had to make many changes. Major investments were required to improve the productivity and dynamism of the industry, while increasing efficiency.

The textile companies mainly focused on developing niches or innovative products.

Textile high techThe future of textile in Québec resides in highly specialized, intelligent or value added textile. The local enterprises are betting on quality, versatility of their employees, fast production turn-around and innovation. We found more and more of these new types of textile and fabrics around us: in medicine, industry, sport, transport, and packaging.

Lac-Mégantic wishes to play an important role in the development of high-tech sectors. Since the textile industry is part of the Lac-Mégantic heritage, its specialized workforce is well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities in the high-tech textile industry.



Profiles for Major Regional Leaders in the Textile Industry

Royer – Lac-Drolet

Royer 1For more than 65 years, Royer has built a solid reputation as a designer and manufacturer of work boots and shoes, and high-quality specialized work boots and shoes adapted to particular working environments. Royer manufactures and develops safety work boots/shoes for the following industries: mining, smelters, aluminum, electric distribution, chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, agro-food, forestry and construction.

Royer shoeOur Industry Feet Protection Analysis Program (PAPPI) is an indispensable tool for safety managers. Since 1992, ROYER’s technical team supports the managers and OHS committees for optimal management on all aspects related to feet protection and the wearing of safety shoes, specifically adapted for the requirements of different work environments.

The Industry Feet Protection Analysis Program will assess by sector (department) all accidents, injuries and work environments to identify the product that best suits your needs.

Source : Royer

Le Groupe CSR – Saint-Romain

Group CSR






Group CSR is specialized in the development, confection and shipping of traditional or high-tech clothing.

With the expertise acquired over many decades and our qualified personnel, our organization is ready to help and guide companies through the different steps of production or new-product development.

Over the last few years, R&D and prototyping, in collaboration with different partners, enabled us to guide designers throughout the creation and development process for their new products.

As a matter of fact, with this new endeavour we have been able to participate in technological innovations using cutting-edge fabrics such as: electro-textile, sensors, technical textile.

Groupe CSR offers the following services:

  • Product development
  • Sampling
  • Tailoring
  • Thermofusing and other services
  • Production
  • Finishing, packaging, shipping

Source : Groupe CSR

Attraction – Lac-Drolet

AttractionATTRACTION is a Canadian vertically integrated apparel manufacturer and decorator.  Since 1980, we have been providing innovative decorated apparel solutions to clients all across Canada in the resort, souvenir, corporate and promotional markets. Perpetuating its family business tradition of excellence, quality and service, the current management team strives to excel in all areas of our industry, while providing stable employment opportunities to people from the local communities in and around Lac-Drolet, Québec.


Take away the uncertainty and have your garments made and decorated under one roof: from design and manufacture to decoration and turn-key options, we also offer impeccable service, creativity, and innovative spirit.

Source : Attraction


Confection Lapierre – Saint-Ludger de Beauce

Logo_ConfectionLapierre_frA Canadian manufacturing company, subcontractor, specialized in the confection of jeans. Confection Lapierre makes clothes under private label or the distributor’s brand.

Our qualified and experienced team can deliver the high standards requested by our clients. Our modern equipment meets the highest standards of the industry.


Our main services are:

  • Fabrics warehousing
  • Digital sewing pattern printing
  • Tailoring
  • Sampling
  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Designs on pockets
  • Assembling and installing labels (care and size) on clothes
  • Assembling and installing labels (warning) on clothes
  • Fabrics inventory control
  • Clothes repair services
  • Transport

Source :  Confection Lapierre

La Chemise Perfection – Lac-Mégantic and Courcelles

La Chemise PerfectionLa Chemise Perfection has been manufacturing shirts and pants for the uniform market, corporate and retail, since 1947. Dealing directly with clients, the company offers a personalized shipping service that fits the needs of the client.

Through the years, La Chemise Perfection has built a solid reputation for its dynamism, and the quality of its products and services. These assets, combined with the experience and skills acquired, rank the company as the largest manufacturer of shirts in Canada. In 2007, building on its experience, Perfection diversified its offering by adding the manufacture of pants with the same level quality.

As a Canadian company, Perfection is proud to contribute to the growth of the industry with the specialized know-how of its workforce, and also to promote Canadian-made clothing.

Source : La Chemise Perfection