The Metallic Products Industry in the Region

welding sparksThe metallic products industry is also very active throughout the region. The coming years are promising, based on the economic trends. With the competitive Canadian dollar, the export sector in this industry, especially for steel structures and architectural work, seems to be well positioned.

There are many possibilities in diverse areas for the industry players.


Profiles for Regional Leaders of the Metallic Products Industry

Métal Laroche

Métal LarocheEstablished in 1986, Metal Laroche developed through relationships with preferred customers, some of which have been loyal for 25 years.


Working for different sectors, such as: wood, food, maritime, eolian, fire, hydroelectric, hospital establishments, and other industries … we treat every project with the highest level of professionalism. The respect for our customers and employees is part of Metal Laroche’ business culture.

Our welding processes:

Métal Laroche products
Photo: Métal Laroche Inc.


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Cast iron
  • Hard reload

Our equipment:

  • Plant of 50,000 sq. ft., with 3 doors (14′ x 16′)
  • 4 overhead cranes
  • Press cutting “shear”
  • Press “brake”
  • Rolls
  • Punch
  • Iron Lathe
  • Milling machine
  • Mobile unit
  • Tig, Mig and Arc welders

Metal Laroche offers a complete range of services: drawing, sublease of maintenance labor, welding, machinist, and industrial maintenance mechanics.

The company manages the daily demands for reconditioning & industrial equipment rework, railings, fixed components, fabricated pieces, anti-wear treatment and large work pieces. Any of these can be done by unit or in small quantities.

Source : Métal Laroche Inc.

ULC Metal & Fabrication

ULC MétalOwing to the right tools and a really good team, ULC can answer any request from their clients. We can manufacture almost any industrial welded parts by unit or in small quantities. Our expertise allows us to manufacture practical and solid complex parts of all dimensions.

Our specialized equipment:

  • Manufacturing plant of 15,000 sq.ft., with 14′ x 14′ doors
  • Shear-break (capacity: 280 tons, 10′ large)
  • Workshop press (capacity: 150 tons)
  • Iron worker (capacity: 75 tons)
  • Torch cutter/Plasma cutter (capacity of 8′ x 20′ x 6” thickness)
  • Saw (radial and horizontal)
  • Welding : MIG (FCAW-GMAW), TIG, conventional, arc, torch
  • Cranes (two of 7.5 tons and two of 2 tons)
  • Machining

– 4 towers (capacity: 16” diameter x 204” long)
– 4 millings (universal and Excello)
– Radial drill 3”

We can work almost any steel, including stainless and aluminum. We can move parts up to seven tons and assemble indoor equipment up to 100′ x 14′ x 14′ in dimension.

Our quality control is very strict; all material is backed by a Mill Test from the supplier. Our reward is our Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification. Our process controls allow us to follow the most complex plans, and to deliver easy-to-assemble equipment at your site.

Industrial equipment with “ULC-Metal & Fabrication” seal are now installed everywhere in North America and Asia.

Some of our clients :

  • Alcan Alesa Technologies
  • Alstom Power
  • Masonite International Corporation
  • Énergex Pellet Fuel
  • Équipement Labrie

Source : ULC Metal & Fabrication

Acier Fastech

Fastech Created in 2002, Acier Fastech is a young and dynamic company specialized in the fabrication and erection of steel structures. It is located on a three-hectare lot within Lac-Drolet’s industrial park.

Photo : Fastech

Thanks to its solid business plan and the leadership of its president, Marc Gagnon, who has over 39 years experience within the steel industry, the company has grown steadily. In 2012, Mr. Gagnon welcomed to the team Marco Gilbert, Production Manager, and Claude Roussin, Vice-President and Project Engineer.

Acier Fastech stands out for its versatility and ability to quickly adapt its production line to fill specific and often uncommon orders.

Security is a high priority at Acier Fastech. Our clients and suppliers are considered our business partners, with whom we build fruitful relationships, based on trust and respect.

Proud of its work and reputation, Acier Fastech wishes to stay ahead of its peers and is on its way to obtain the ISO-9001-2008 certification.

Source : Fastech Inc.

Les Équipements Sylmar Inc.

SylmarThe company specializes in the tooling and welding of specialized metals, and in the manufacturing of machinery for the agricultural and forest sectors. The markets served are multiple: industrial, commercial, agriculture and forestry.

A quality-assurance program has been put in place to ensure our clients a high-quality product which will be to their satisfaction. Our team benefits from extensive experience in the metallurgic sector and in agricultural and forestry equipment.

Moreover, the company goes beyond producing its own equipment, as it also represents and sells Hakmet products. Collaboration with this enterprise offers our clients a more diverse set of options and products.

Epandex – Photo : Sylmar
Epandex – Photo : Sylmar

Since 2002, we also sell specialized and custom-made parts for hydraulic use or other in the forest and agricultural sectors.

The company also manufactures its own brand of equipment such as winches, bale wrapping machines, wood splitters, trailers of all types, and many more.

The company offers repair services for all sorts of machinery. The dedication of its employees and the owners’ vision contribute towards the success of the company. According to them, everything relies on quality and service!

Source : Les Équipements Sylmar inc.


Les Entreprises Gre-Mar Ltée

Les Entreprises Gré-MarSince 1979, Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée specializes in the conception, manufacturing, modification and repair of machinery for different industrial sectors.

At Gre-Mar, you will find specialists who will create innovative solutions to prevent wearing down and premature breakdown of machinery.

Photo : Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée
Photo : Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée

Through some modifications to your existing installation, you will save time and money by preventing shutdowns, repairs, and maintenance.

You will easily profit from your investments while increasing your productivity.

Our reputation is based upon our competence, precision and the quality of our work – the key to our success for more than 35 years.

Photo : Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée
Photo : Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée

Gre-Mar offers:

  • Creativity, invention, and the manufacturing of new machines
  • The analysis, diagnosis, and the resolution to difficult problems
  • The modification and repair of existing machines
  • We have invested many hours and money to be able to machine rubber, as well as to make rubber threads for wooden door industries, welding shafts, and re-grinding to the desired fit
  • The fabrication of ACME threads
  • The maintenance of all your machinery directly on the job site
  • Shipping and services all over Canada and the United States
  • Shutdowns
  • Millwrights
  • Maintenance and repair – pulp and paper
  • Installation of mechanical equipment
  • Modification to equipment
  • Turnkey projects
  • Custom-made projects

Our reputation is based on our expertise, our precision and the quality of our work. It has been our hallmark of success for more than 35 years.

Source : Les Entreprises Gré-Mar Ltée

Groupe Canam

Logo Canam GroupThe Corporation operates 22 plants across North America and employs over 3,900 people in Canada, the United States, Romania, India and Hong Kong. The plants have a total area of 3,280,575 square feet and a production capacity of 807,000 tons. Canam Group plants are amongst the most modern, safe and productive in the industry.


Canam Group is aware of the impact that its activities exert on the environment in each of the communities where it is present. Through its Environmental Policy, the Corporation pledges to comply with current regulations and improve the efficiency of its facilities. In 2014, Canam Group made responsible choices, principally with regards to the management of residual materials, energy use and fuel consumption.

Source : Groupe Canam

Acero – Metal Sartigan

AceroChoose ACERO for all your steel building projects

The ACERO steel building system was developed and is fabricated by Métal Sartigan Inc.  Our growth has been remarkable, driven by the quality of our products and our dynamic people.  Métal Sartigan is now recognized as a leader in steel building fabrication.

Already the preferred choice for a vast commercial, industrial and institutional clientele, our prefabricated buildings are found in every region of Québec, in the Maritimes, in Ontario, and even in New England.

Continuous improvement of processes and constant investment in R&D uphold our highest quality standards. In the construction of steel structures, ACERO products stand out for their incomparable versatility, durability and performance.

For a turnkey project, choose the ACERO team of specialists.  Our technicians will help you fine-tune all the details of your project. Then obtain optimum quality for each component of your building through shop fabrication under the best conditions. Finally, onsite assembly will be performed by an ACERO authorized contractor and monitored by our specialists.

Source : Acero


ManacManac is the largest manufacturer of semitrailers in Canada and a leader in the manufacturing of specialty trailers in North America.

In 2012, Manac ranks 1st in trailer production in Canada and 7th in North America (Trailer Body Builders Magazine).

Manac offers a wide range of flatbeds, vans, lowbeds, forestry semi-trailers and semi-trailers for specialized use, all sold in Canada and the U.S. under the renowned Manac©, CPS©, Darkwing©, UltraPlate©, Liddell Canada© and Trailmobile© brands.

Manac services the heavy-duty trailer industry for the highway transportation, construction, forestry and agricultural sectors.

Manac trailerManac’s activities include the design, engineering, procurement, assembly and servicing of trailers.

Manac has also established an extensive distribution network throughout North America consisting of points of sale, distribution, parts and service centers, as well as independent dealers and service centers. Manac aims at differentiating itself through (i) the quality of its products, (ii) its ability to offer customized products and specialty features, and (iii) its superior customer service.

Founded in Saint-Georges (Québec) in 1966 by Charles Dutil’s father, the Company’s current President and Chief Executive Officer, Manac has over 1,000 employees in three manufacturing facilities located in Saint-Georges (Québec), Oran (Missouri) and Kennett (Missouri), and two parts and service centers in Boucherville (Québec) and Toronto (Ontario). For the distribution of its products, Manac relies on a network of eight dealers in Canada and 65 dealers in the U.S., as well as five points of sale in Canada and five points of sale in the United States.

Manac’s three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have a total production capacity of 12,000 units per year.  In 2012, 6,942 units were produced, representing approximately 58% of total production capacity.

Source : Manac investors


DEloupeThe name “Deloupe” in the semi-trailer highway transportation business is well recognized in Canada and in New England. Deloupe serves the forestry sector, but also those of machinery transportation, waste and biomass, and others.

The original design and the quality of Deloupe’s products added to the maintenance and repair service are proving to be a success with SMEs and independent truckers.

Deloupe trailer
Photo : Deloupe “Avatar trailer”

Today, Deloupe produces 200 semi-trailers per year in seven different models. The company’s offering includes the sale of parts and repair services for its semi-trailers and other brands. They can also do paint, and subleasing of labor.

Deloupe employs more than 60 people in Saint-Évariste. “Employees with experience for sure, but we are also integrating a new workforce that is adapting well to the needs of the company, an important asset for the region” – Camil Martin, one of the Deloupe’s founders.

Source : Deloupe