The granite industry has been present in the region since the early 20th century

Bloc de granite
Photo : A. Lacroix Granit

Today, many important granite manufacturing plants are located near Lac-Mégantic. The plants transform stones from diverse origins and shape them into a variety of products: architectural granite, countertops, furniture. Numerous contemporary constructions can be found in Québec, in many North American cities and in other parts of the world.

Over the last 20 years, the granite industry has seen an accelerated growth. Our granite companies, thanks to their know-how and modern machinery, are at the cutting-edge of the North American industry.

The Mégantic region has many enterprises in the granite sector, which employ hundreds of people.



Profiles for Regional Leaders of the Granite Industry

A. Lacroix Granit

A. Lacroix granitMontage A. Lacroix GranitMany things have changed since 1962 when my family was building A. Lacroix Granite. Change is good.

Today, our ten quarries use cutting-edge extraction techniques to maximize productivity and minimize waste. Our 150,000 sq. ft. plant features the latest in modern technology, including numerical-control machines capable of producing the most beautifully shaped: the finest OR the nicest curved lines in granite, marble, or limestone on the market. We also use lean manufacturing processes at both our plant and our quarries. And that makes a big difference for our customers!


But one thing remains the same: our family’s passion for granite. This dedication has been passed on to our experienced team members and to my three children, Lacroix Granite’s talented new generation. Just like my father, my brothers and me, they’re motivated: fueled by your challenges. So go ahead. Get inspired. We’ll make your ideas come to life beautifully!

Claude Lacroix, President

Corporate video that describes the expertise of A.Lacroix Granite, that shows their architectural projects in North America, all stages of production from the quarries to the finished product and the work teams.

Source : A. Lacroix Granit


Abressa Canada

AbressaAbressa productsAbressa Canada, located in St-Sebastien (Quebéc), is part of the Abressa Group, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of abrasive products for finishing ceramic, and natural and artificial stones.  For more than 30 years, the group has been the world leader in its field and can offer the best solutions to any problem faced by their customers.

The company’s  strengths are its high-QUALITY standard and constant drive for innovation and improvement (R&D)), as well as the importance placed on the environment.

Our main objective is to continue working in this business to serve our existing and new customers, offering the best QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM and SERVICE, in order to remain one of the bests and be able to face the future with confidence.

Source : Groupe Abressa


Summum Granit

Summum granitSummum granitWith over 25 years of experience, the Summum Granit team has mastered the art of transforming rock into products for interior decoration. Their dedication and know-how have greatly contributed to the company’s success. The founding managers are also proud of achieving, with the help from their team of 150 people, constant growth while respecting the company’s standards and philosophy. This constant development has increased the capacity required for their factories and offices, moving from 4,000 sq. ft. at its founding (1988) to 75,000 sq ft. today. (2015).

It is our understanding of our client’s needs, our attention to detail, a diverse inventory, as well as cutting-edge production techniques and technology that allow us to satisfy the demands for customers of any size. We train all of our employees, from designers and programmers to factory workers and measurement technicians, as well as our movers and installers, under one roof. These employees are supervised by industry experts ensuring the teams create a final product that constantly meets, or exceeds, the quality standards of the company.

Summum Granite’’s reputation was built gradually, project after project, by complying with every aspect of our commitments to the customer. That is the reason why our counters, furniture, frames, showers, stairs and other decorative pieces can be found in many businesses and residences in Canada, as well as in the United States.

Source : Summum Granit




National Cancer Institute Research Campus
National Cancer Institute Research Campus

Every day, we craft custom stone products out of our finest selection of natural stone. From blocks to slabs, tiles, mosaics, architectural stone, curbs and landscaping products, our diversity is the envy of the industry.

Polycor Inc. is the most diversified and the largest fully-integrated granite and marble group in North America, providing natural stone solutions since 1987.

  • Owner of over 25 quarries
  • 5 fabrication plants
  • Over 350 employees
  • 5 million cubic feet of rough blocks produced per year

Our business model enables us to provide fundamental benefits to our customers:

  • Direct access to granite & marble quarries
  • Total control over the quality of raw materials
  • Products available at all times
  • Competitive pricing

Due to these factors, our company was built on reliability and workmanship, together with the superior quality of our quarries and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Today, we are driven by our desire to take a modern approach to the stone industry – toward our ultimate mission as defined by our four cornerstones.

2013 Winner of Pinnacle Award – Awarded by the Marble Institute of America for the Place D’Armes Project in Old Montreal

Source : Polycor


Granit Évolution

Granite ÉvolutionKitchen with cherry wood cabinetryLocated in Courcelles, Granit Évolution employs 25 people and offers granite, quartz and marble countertop products.

If you are building a new home or renovating a specific room in your house, Granit Évolution can certainly offer you creations that will add a special touch to your environment.

Adding a new countertop, in granite or quartz, to your existing cabinets will give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new character.

Granit Évolution serves commercial and residential clienteles in Québec and Ontario.

Source : Granit Évolution

Duchesne Lac-Mégantic

DuchesneUnique in the World in Large Stone Work!

Duchesne Lac-Mégantic (DLM) is a natural stone manufacturing company located in Canada. We recently built the most modern factory with technologically advanced equipment.

DLM has developed a new approach to supply your stone product needs with a unique 8-axis robot capable of transforming a masterpiece of up to 50 tons with an overall dimensions 18 feet.

Assisted by drafting, simulation, production software and scanning equipment, we can design, create and duplicate any stone into an artistic product, from very old buildings to those in the design process. The precision of the equipment will be used for each individual piece of an entire project.

Our 8-axis robot performs a digital analysis on the data obtained from the scans and design programs, in order to carve with unmatched precision the selected piece: that is what distinguishes us from other companies. We can produce, regardless of the quantity, perfectly identical carved pieces or standard copies, as required. Our state-of-the-art technology in scanning equipment allows us to duplicate with ease any stone work, capturing with outstanding precision the details of the stone. You will find our restoration techniques stunning and impeccable.

Our design program enables us to build your newly formed visions from the ground up. We will be glad to work hand-in-hand with you to create work pieces that exceed your expectations. Innovation at its best. Inversely, your model can be imported into our program to be executed, down to the slightest but very significant detail.


  • 5-axis wire saw – primary cutting of raw materials such as thick slab cutting, profiling and cylindrical profiles
  • Lathe – cylindrical shaping of the product
  • 5-axis CNC interpolated machining – cutting, finishing, drilling, milling functions
  • 8-axis robot

In order to transcend the current market needs for stone products, our factory has equipment capable of handling pieces up to 50 tons, including: a 50T overhead crane and a 60T mobile crane.


Whether you are aiming for cutting-edge or traditional appearance, Duchesne Lac-Mégantic will further assist you by importing, from anywhere in the world, the perfect natural stone you choose for your project.

Yves Duchesne, President, has been involved for over 10 years in the entire transformation process and the marketing of natural stones, from quarries to plants: quarries, walkways and paving, slabs, tiles, cut to size, memorials, etc. He has also been involved in the management of manufacturing companies within the construction industry for the past 28 years as owner and manager.

Recent investment (in French only):

Duchesne Lac-Mégantic
5084, Bonin Str
P.O. Box 10
Lac-Mégantic (Québec)
Canada G6B 1Z9
Phone: 1-819-303-0041

Premier Jet – Stone and concrete engraving

Premier jet logoPremier jet 2Established since 2007 in the large Granite region, the Premier jet company has become one of the most successful businesses in the sector of stone and concrete engraving.

It has become, over the course of the years, a key reference company for professional architects in addition to the granite industries in Quebec.

Today their creations permit different towns and cities, including designers, architects and landscapers, to embody their projects in a more permanent manner.

Their very first projects were for private clients. However, soon after they were creating public works destined for major cities such as Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Montreal, Boston and New-York. Today, the enterprise is continuing to realize an increasing number of noteworthy projects.

Remba™, the solution for permanent in ground marking

Premier jet rembaRemba is a high performance concrete especially designed for the creation of permanent in ground markers in stone and concrete pavers.

This unique concrete was created for Premier jet by the researchers at the Centre de recherches sur les infrastructures en béton (C.R.I.B.) from Sherbrooke’s University in order to respond to customers’ requests forcustomized architectural interventions in ground and outside.

Remba represents therefore a longer lasting alternative to ground painting (which often has to be renewed yearly) and eliminates long term care and upkeep. In addition, the Remba concrete eliminates all accumulations of unsightly debris in the in ground engravings.

It is from the continuum of their expertise in sand engraving techniques towards the creation of a new innovative product that the company developed this unique technique of concrete insertion at the same level of the stone or concrete.


Premier jet inc.
608, rue Principale
Lac-Drolet (Québec)  G0Y 1C0
Phone: 819 549-1190

Source : Premier Jet