Wood processing in the MRC du Granit territory – iCRIQ, 2009[1]

2,191 jobs and 47 companies
Primary manufacturingSecondary and Tertiary manufacturing
Number of jobs: 1,213Number of jobs: 978
Number of companies: 20 Number of companies: 27

[1] Source for this section: “Portrait de l’industrie forestière de l’Estrie”, Commission régionale sur les ressources naturelles et le territoire, CRÉ Estrie, Novembre 2009, http://www.creestrie.qc.ca/pdf/crrnt/Industrie_forestiere%20.pdf

The forestry industry

The forestry industry has been at the heart of the Estrie’s economic activity, from its very beginnings and throughout its history. After flour mills, Estrie residents quickly built saw mills. With up to 76% of the area covered by forests, of which 91% are privately owned and composed of 66% hardwood, it is not surprising that this industry has played a major role in the economic development and prosperity of the region. The Estrie region is covered by f7,880 km2 of forest, and the MRC du Granit has the largest share of forest area in the Estrie region. Thus, our region has become a leader in appearance wood products and composites.

Several factors have contributed to the growth of this industry: the climate, the amount of rain, the soil’s (substrate) texture and properties, a network of roads developed for transportation and the proximity of processing plants and markets. But more importantly, what makes this industry stand out and ensures its success is the local forestry knowledge and savoir-faire.

The forestry infrastructure (primary manufacturing), made up of hardwood and timber sawmills, a major plant producing laminated and plywood veneers, the largest particle board production facility in North America and a large paper mill that is supplied in hardwood, has generated an increased in production of 260% between 1990 and 2000. In summary, the Estrie wood sector is:

  • a diverse industry that optimizes forest resources and transforms its waste products, thanks to paper mills, board manufacturing facilities and wood granule plants
  • a leader in the transformation of hardwoods in Quebec
  • the first region in terms of consuming Quebec’s hardwoods

The secondary and tertiary manufacturing industry is more recent, diversified and active in the fields of engineered wood and composites (kitchen cabinets, furniture, doors and windows, components) and prefabricated structures (modular houses, panels, roof trusses, and engineered buildings). The U.S. market helped to favor the emergence of several companies that have developed niche products that are found in manyother markets around the world.

Primary Transformation

Estrie is the only region in Quebec to have manufacturing facilities in all primary transformation sectors: sawmills, shingles, paneling/veneer, particle board and fiberboard, wholesaler-distributors, and other recyclable materials. The total production of primary transformation companies throughout the Estrie region reached median sales of 288.1 million Canadian dollars in 2007.

Primary transformation generates 2,086 direct jobs in Estrie within 50 companies that are distributed according to the concentration of companies in the different MRCs of the territory (Figure 1). The MRC du Granit dominates with its 20 companies generating 1,213 direct jobs.


Distribution RCM


In the MRC du Granit, we find all types of primary transformation manufacturing facilities with a predominance of particle board and fiberboard facilities, followed by sawmills (except shingle and shake mills), veneer mills and hardwood plywood. In effect, these factories achieve more than 96% of the median sales in the region. According to the same total production expressed in total median sales and the number of companies by MRC (Table 18), the MRC du Granit stands out due to median sales of 196.3 million Canadian dollars and 20 lumber companies.

Supply and industrial structure of the primary transformation sector

In 2008, the total actual consumption of hard and soft woods in the Estrie’s primary processing industry by source (m3) is as follows:

  • 41% originated from Quebec plants
  • 34% originated from outside Quebec
  • 19% originated from private forests
  • 6% originated from public forests

Surprisingly, given the size of forests lands within the region, the supply of raw material for hardwood and softwood sawmills originates mostly from outside Quebec, 78% for hardwood and 65% for softwood. In fact, this shows that manufacturers take advantage of all possible supply sources to best meet production needs, not limiting themselves to their immediate area, to ensure the success of their business.

The primary transformation sector

Hardwood and softwood sawmills in our region also benefit from several potential markets for their by-products (chips, shavings and sawmills). With the increasing demand during recent years, by-products account for nearly 30% of sales.

Plants in the region generally have a smaller capacity than those in the rest of Quebec, which actually gives them an advantage over larger companies: more flexibility, evenly dispersed jobs throughout the region (less concentration in a single plant), less of a barrier to innovation in SMEs and a faster market response time. Our industry’s business model is based on several smaller plants along the U.S. border with access to better quality species from outside of Quebec, that mature faster (larger dimension), and are strategically positioned close to our largest trading partner, the United States. This also contributes to lower transportation costs compared with other regions of Quebec.

Secondary and Tertiary Transformation

peinture sur bois
Secondary and Tertiary Transformation

The secondary and tertiary transformation sectors generate 4,521 direct jobs in the Estrie region. We find the highest number of direct jobs in Sherbrooke with 1,122 jobs generated by 42 companies. The MRC du Granit ranks second amongst other MRCs in the Estrie region (see Figure 2), with 978 direct jobs generated by 27 companies.



Distribution RCM

The largest employers of the MRC du Granit are:

  • Tafisa Canada
  • Bestar inc.
  • La Corporation Internationale Masonite, Division Industries Manufacturières Mégantic
  • Masonite International
  • Portes Lambton
  • Maisons Usinex
  • Panolite

This list shows just how important the secondary and tertiary wood processing and the wood products industry (Tafisa) are important in terms of jobs in the Mégantic region. Elsewhere in Quebec, job creation for this sector is mostly dominated by the primary processing plants (sawmills and pulp and paper).

The Bio-economics: New opportunities that build on a rich legacy – wood

Logo Maison-UsinexTop prefabricated home manufacturer

Maison Usinex was founded by the six Morin brothers, who wanted to apply their experience in construction to the building of prefabricated homes with a focus on three key traits: innovation, quality, and performance.

The company was recently named “top prefabricated home manufacturer” for the 11th year.

Maison Usinex’s factory, in which 20 Morin family members closely work together, has been located in Milan, near Mont-Mégantic, for 20 years.

The quality of its prefabricated homes, and its attentive customer service have been instrumental in the company’s growth. Maison Usinex has sales offices in Milan (Eastern Townships), Saguenay, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs (Laurentians), Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, and Chibougamau.

Usinex -équipe
La Maison Usinex’s team – Click to enlarge

Facilitate the planning of your home

Maison Usinex is committed to providing a purchasing experience that is based on respect for the client in a pressure-free, friendly atmosphere. All of the elements essential to the design and construction of a home have been thoroughly studied and are produced according to the highest standards. The purchase of a home is a major step, and the process is often fraught with stress and unforeseen circumstances. Maison Usinex is committed to ensuring that you have a pleasant experience, and that you play a pivotal role in turning your dream into reality.

Our professional consultants make a point of keeping you well-informed throughout the construction of your home and accompanying you through each stage of the process. Personalizing your plan is one of the factors that will enable you to acquire the house of your dreams.

Source : La Maison Usinex



green molecule dna cell illustration

Wood is a material that offers several other opportunities for entrepreneurs:

  • Nanotechnology (cellulosic microfibrils)
  • Bio-energy
  • Bio-plastics
  • Textile (cellulosic fibre, rayon pulp, etc.)
  • New resins
  • Enzymes
  • Bio-pharmaceutics
  • New construction and structural materials
  • Etc.


A unique concentration in Canada

Within a radius of 100 km of the urban center of Lac-Mégantic, we find a critical mass of 250 wood sector companies. A concentration unique for this sector in Canada (floors, doors, kitchen cabinets, structures, panels, furniture, saw mills, machinery and tools, bioenergy, cardboard, design services, etc.).

Appearance wood and composites – List of companies – By Category


Panels (particle boards, plywood/veneer, etc.)

TafisaLac-Mégantic Tafisa WebsiteParticleboard & decorative panels TFL
PanoliteLac-MéganticPanolite WebsiteLightweight composite panels
Masonite – IMM Div.Lac-MéganticIndustries Manufacturières Mégantic WebsitePlywood/veneer
Les Pliages Apaulo WatervilleLes Pliages Apaulo inc. WebsiteCurved plywood

Comptoir Granit Évolution

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

Armoires DanécoSaint-Georges de BeauceKitchen cabinets
Armoires de cuisine MilmondeNotre-Dame-des-Pins, BeauceArmoires de cuisine Milmonde WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Armoires FabritecBromontFabritec WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Armoires St-RomainSt-RomainLes Armoires St-Romain WebsiteKitchen & bathroom cabinets
Atelier d'Ebénisterie Cookshire IncCookshireAtelier d’Ébénisterie Cookshire WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Atelier ExcelSaint-Benoît-Labre, BeauceAtelier Excel WebsiteKitchen cabinets, furniture
CuisiAscotAscot CornerCuisiAscot WebsiteKitchen & bathroom cabinets
CuisiBeauceSaint-Gédéon, BeauceCuisiBeauce WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Cuisine FrontièreCoaticookKitchen cabinets
Cuisine IdéaleSherbrookeCuisine Idéale WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Cuisine moderne de l’EstrieSherbrookeCuisines Modernes WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Cuisine ÉléganceCoaticookCuisine Élégance WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Cuisines ValenciaSaint-Benoît-Labre, BeauceCuisines Valencia WebsiteKitchen cabinets
FB Expert CookshireFB Expert WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Groupe CabicoCoaticookCabico WebsiteKitchen & bathroom cabinets
Les Armoires GérobyLac-MéganticArmoire Géroby WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Les Armoires Luc RichardLambtonArmoire Luc Richard WebsiteKitchen cabinets, countertops
Spécialités MMSaint-Côme-Linière, BeauceSpécialités MM WebsiteKitchen cabinets
ViforAyer's CliffVifor WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Ébénisterie E.L.Saint-Georges de BeauceÉbénisterie E.L. WebsiteKitchen cabinets
Ébénisterie FantaisiesSaint-Martin de BeauceKitchen cabinets
Ébénisterie FrontenacFrontenacKitchen cabinets
Ébénisterie La-QuiSaint-Gédéon de BeauceKitchen cabinets
Ébénisterie Less ArtSaint-René, BeauceKitchen cabinets

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

Portes et fenêtres ValléeFrontenacPortes et fenêtres Vallée WebsiteWindows and doors
Masonite InternationalLac-MéganticMasonite WebsiteDoors
Portes LambtonLambtonPortes Lambton WebsiteDoors, residential and commercial
Marcoux et FrèresCoaticookDoors
Bégin A. & FilsLa GuadeloupeA, Bégin et Fils WebsiteGarage doors
BlankfortSaint-Éphrem de BeauceBlankfort WebsiteFire doors
BoccamSaint-Georges de BeauceBoccam WebsiteDoors
Portes et fenêtres AltekSaint-Joseph de BeaucePortes et fenêtres Altek WebsiteWindows and doors
Fenêtres RobertSherbrookeFenêtres Robert WebsiteWindows and doors
Portes & Fenêtres AbritekSaint-Georges de BeaucePortes et fenêtres Abritek WebsiteWindows and doors
Portes Baillargeon (Masonite)Saint-Éphrem de BeaucePortes Baillargeon WebsiteDoors
HuskyPortes & Fenêtres Saint-Côme-Linière, BeauceHusky Portes et fenêtres WebsiteWindows and doors
Portes Moustiquaires SBSaint-Georges de BeauceScreen doors
Portes Veilleux 2000Saint-Georges de BeaucePortes Veilleux 2000 WebsiteDoors
Pro Expert Portes & FenêtresSaint-Georges de BeaucePro Expert WebsiteWindows and doors
Ultima FenestrationSaint-Georges de BeauceUltima fenestration WebsiteWindows and doors
Portes LemieuxWindsorPortes Lemieux WebsiteDoors



Bestar Lac-MéganticBestar WebsiteOffice furniture, office storage
Menuiserie BelcotechAudetFurniture
South Shore MeublesSainte-CroixSouth Shore Meubles WebsiteFurniture
Meubles Cirouak 2000Saint-Honoré de Shenley, BeauceMeubles Cirouak WebsiteFurniture
Ébénisterie Stéphane FortinSaint-Georges de BeauceÉbénisterie Stéphane Fortin WebsiteAntique furniture
Mobilier Phoenix (coop)Saint-Georges de BeauceFurniture
Mobilier Rustique BeauceSaint-Martin de BeauceMobilier Rustique WebsiteFurniture and siding (cedar)
La Spécialité du MeubleSaint-Honoré de Shenley, BeauceFurniture
Compo-LameNotre-Dame-des-Pins, BeauceFurniture
ShermagSherbrookeShermag WebsiteFurniture
LogiflexSherbrookeLogiflex WebsiteFurniture – office/institutions/commercial
Les Comptoirs Prémoulés G PomerleauSaint-Ephrem de BeauceFurniture



Bois DittonLa PatrieBois Ditton WebsiteFloors, mouldings
Boa-Franc / Planchers MirageSaint-Georges de BeauceBoa-Franc Website
Planchers Mirage Website
CG PlanchersSaint-Georges de BeauceCG Plancher WebsiteMouldings for floors
Moulures JSDSaint-Éphrem de BeauceMouldings
Bois SélectionWestburyBois Sélection WebsiteFlooring

finished products

Woodworking, wooden components, pallets, architectural components and other specialized products

A. Lapointe & FilsSaint-RomainA. Lapointe WebsiteTurnery – Custom components
Palettes BeauceronnesCourcellesPallets
Palettes CMPCourcellesPallets
Maison UsinexMilanMaison Usinex WebsitePrefab homes
Chevron RoyalSherbrookeChevron Royal WebsiteStructural components – construction (walls, floors, roof, etc.)
Palettes MultiplesNantesPallets
Perron Palettes & Produits du boisSawyervillePallets
Produits CLPWoburnWooden accessories, (butcher's)
Jean-François Hall Artisan ÉbénisteLac-MéganticWoodworking
Bois Rond MéganticNotre-Dame-des-BoisBois Rond Mégantic WebsiteLog house & components
Atelier Cheval de BoisCoaticookAtelier Cheval de bois WebsiteWood toys
La Cheville de BoisCoaticookWoodworking
Ébénisterie d'art Roland Noth inc.Stanstead-EstRoland Noth ébéniste WebsiteWoodworking
Ébénisterie Marcel FilionCoaticookWoodworking
ChampeauSaint-MaloChampeau WebsiteHardwood components
Maxi Flamme 2000ComptonMaxi-Flamme 2000 WebsiteFirestarter
Menuiserie Yvon VeilleuxComptonMenuiserie Yvon Veilleux WebsiteWoodworking
PototypeSt-HerménégildePrototype WebsiteOrnemental wooden products
Ébénisterie BeauboisSaint-Georges de BeauceBeaubois WebsiteArchitectural wood work
Ébénisterie Cham-BoisSaint-Georges de BeauceÉbénisterie Chambois WebsiteArchitectural wood work
Ébénisterie Guy RodrigueSaint-Georges de BeauceÉbénisterie Guy Rodrigue WebsiteWoodworking
Les Cèdres JerseySaint Côme Linière BeauceLes Cèdres Jersey WebsiteLog house and components
Industries P.F.Saint-Martin de BeauceIndustries P.F. WebsiteWood fences
DecovaliSaint-Éphrem-de-BeauceDecovali WebsiteArchitectural wood design
MaibecLévis Maibec WebsiteWood siding
Menuiserie des PinsNotre-Dame des Pins, BeauceMenuiserie des Pins WebsiteWood components (pine)
Menuiserie Gérard FaucherMenuiserie Gérard Faucher WebsiteWoodworking
Multi-Concept SBLSaint-Benoît-Labre, BeauceMulti-Concept SBL WebsitePrefab buildings
Bois HamelSaint-Éphrem-de-BeauceBois Hamel WebsiteWood beams, flooring, walls, etc.
ClyvanorSaint-Georges de BeauceClyvanor WebsiteRoofs, floor trusses, panels
Produits MatraSaint-Martin de BeauceMantra WebsiteSiding
RCM ModulaireSaint-Benoît-Labre, BeauceRCM Modulaire WebsitePrefab buildings
Toitures FecteauSaint Benoît Labre BeauceToitures Fecteau WebsiteRoofs, beams, floors
Éclisse Ébénisterie d'artCookshire-EatonÉclisse Ébénisterie d'art WebsiteWoodworking, art pieces
Gober Portes d'armoiresCoaticookGober Portes d'armoires WebsiteKitchen cabinet components, mouldings, etc.
Bois ouvrés WatervilleWatervilleBois ouvrés Waterville WebsiteWood components for tables, drawers, etc.
Sher-WoodSherbrookeSher-Wood WebsiteHockey sticks
Sim-Art ÉbénisterieAscot CornerSim-Art Ébénisterie WebsitePet funeral urn (cremation)
DaviboisWindsorDavibois WebsiteLaminated door panels, mouldings, etc.
Millette & FilsLawrencevilleMillette & Fils WebsiteWooden crates
Groupe Gaston CôtéSherbrookeGroupe Gaston Côté WebsiteRoof trusses, prefab walls, floor beams, etc.
Tournage R.P. Saint-François-Xavier-de -BromptonTournage R.P. WebsiteWood turning
GuitabecPrincevilleGuitabec WebsiteGuitars
Les Mousses de L’EstrieLambtonLes Mousses de l'Estrie WebsiteMulch (horticultural)
Industries TouchSherbrookeIndustries Touch WebsiteWholesale – kitchen accessories (wood, others)
Léo Grondin Inc.FrontenacArchitectural wood work
Bois St-PierreLac-MéganticWooden components
Multi-pièces Lac-MéganticLac-MéganticPallets

construction wood

Sawmills (hardwood & timber, chipwood & sawdust)

Scierie Lapointe & RoyCourcellesLumber
Scierie M.S. BilodeauCourcellesScierie MS Bilodeau WebsiteCedar lumber
Planage BernierLambtonPlaning
Scierie Fernand RancourtLac-MéganticScierie Fernand Rancourt WebsiteHardwood squares, non standard size
Scierie GénérationsLac-MéganticScierie Générations WebsiteHardwood lumber
Scierie TechLac-DroletScierie Tech WebsiteEastern White Pine Lumber
Bois LambertLac-MéganticLumber
Les Billots Sélect MéganticLac-MéganticLumber
Bernier Bois-FrancLambtonLumber
FontaineWoburnFontaine WebsiteSoftwood lumber
Les Manufacturiers WarwickWarwickBoulanger WebsiteLumber
Multibois F.L.WoburnLumber
Les Bois PoulinLac-DroletPoulin WebsiteHardwood lumber
Broyage Mobile EstrieAscot CornerBME WebsiteWood chips, residue, etc.
Bois HuntingWatervilleLumber
Bois MaroyStanstead-EstLumber
Marcel LauzonEast HerefordMarcel Lauzon WebsiteSoftwood lumber (spruce, balsam)
Scierie CoaticookCoaticookLumber
Scierie Leclerc et TremblayDixvilleScierie Leclerc & Tremblay WebsiteLumber
Séchoir CPCWatervilleLumber wood preserving
Bardeaux & Cèdres St-HonoréSaint-Honoré-de-Shenley, BeauceLumber (cedar)
Bois KennebecSaint-Georges de BeauceLumber
Produits Forestiers DGSt-Jean-de-la-Lande, BeauceProduits forestiers DG WebsiteSoftwood lumber
Usine SartiganSaint-Honoré-de-Shenley, BeauceUsine Sartigan WebsiteHardwood lumber, wood boards
Carrier et BéginSaint-Honoré-de-Shenley, BeauceLumber
Scierie BoucherSaint-Honoré-de-Shenley, BeauceScierie Boucher WebsiteLumber
Scierie Clermond Hamel (div. of Bois Hamel)Saint-Ephrem-de-BeauceClermont Hamel WebsiteLumber, beams, construction
Pro-Bois André RousseauWeedonLumber
Bois de la Patte d’OursSawyervilleLumber
Scierie MelbourneRichmondLumber


Machinery, Tools and Finishing

ComactSaint-Georges de BeauceComact WebsiteSawmill machinery
OSI Wood MachinerieSaint-Georges de BeauceOSI Wood Machinerie WebsiteWood processing machinery
Machinerie LicoSaint-Georges de BeauceLico WebsiteSawmill machinery
Équipements PHLSaint-Éphrem de BeauceÉquipements PHL WebsiteSawmill machinery



Les Granules ÉnergexLac-MéganticEnergex WebsitePellet Fuel
CelluForceWindsorCelluForce WebsiteNanocrystalline cellulose


Pulp & Paper

CascadesKingsey FallsCascades WebsitePaper, cardboard
Hood Pakaging Corp.East-AngusHood Packaging WebsitePaper bags
Domtar (Windsor div.)WindsorDomtar WebsitePaper (copies, stationary)