Quartier Artisan

Quartier artisan aims to support Lac-Mégantic’s recovery and promote handiwork and modern Quebec crafts. Its mission is to foster the growth of craft businesses so that they become pillars of Quebec’s economy and contribute to the revitalization of the Granit region and its city centre. Quartier artisan is both a physical location in the Fatima District and professional support services, such as the accelerator, offered throughout the province.

The Accélérateur des artisans du Québec is the first coaching program to boost Quebec’s craft businesses by helping them articulate their strategy, increase their sales figures and broaden their professional network. Each year, the accelerator supports eight Quebec craft businesses by offering them workshops, talks and coaching so that they can hone their development strategy and lay solid foundations through an approach focused on collaboration, creativity and innovation. In the heart of Lac-Mégantic, Quartier artisan wants to make its mark in the wider ecosystem of Quebec’s economy.

In 2021, Quartier artisan launched the very first national program to attract artisan entrepreneurs, offering access to the property with the aim of creating a true arts and crafts district in the city’s former working-class sector. Our vision is to make Lac-Mégantic the handicrafts capital within ten years.

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