The Regional Road Network

The MRC road network has 321 km of provincial and regional roads and 966 km of local roads. On average, 2,000 to 10,000 vehicles, including 1,000 to 1,200 heavy vehicles use these roads daily.

The Mégantic region is well served by highways 161 and 108 and by secondary roads 204, 214 and 263. You can find a more detailed description of these roads in the following table.

The Regional Road Network
161Crosses the region from the northeast to the southeast, from Victoriaville towards the United States;

Important road for the MRC, around which six municipalities are located (Stratford, Stornoway, Nantes, Lac-Mégantic, Frontenac and Saint-Augustin-de-Woburn);

Reaches 51% of the MRC population;

Provincial highway in the MRC with the highest flow of daily traffic.
108Crosses the area from the east to the west, from the Beauce towards Sherbrooke;

Important road for the northern part of the MRC, around which four municipalities are located (Courcelles, Lambton, St-Romain and Stornoway);

Its location and classification allow direct links between municipalities and towns from different areas;

Route 108 has a high volume of trucks.
204Crosses the territory from the southwest to the northeast, from Lac-Mégantic towards the Beauce;

Road around which four municipalities are located (Lac-Mégantic, Frontenac, Audet, and Saint-Ludger).
212Crosses the southern part of the MRC territory and runs east to west;

Reaches Sherbrooke by passing through Notre-Dame-des-Bois and Saint-Augustin-de-Woburn.
214From Nantes, this road travels from the northeast to the southwest, through the towns of Nantes and Milan to connect with the road 108.
Source: Ministry of Transport, 2007 and Gestion Transidev, 2004

Main Regional Trucking Companies


Robert transportRobert Transport

Transport – Warehousing  – Distribution



  • Services the entire North American network
  • Adapted to your specific needs: dry goods, controlled temperature, specialized and off-spec
  • Fleet of 1,100 trucks and 3,000 trailers
  • Uses the latest technologies to offer flexible, efficient and reliable services

DESCRIPTION:Robert transport

  • Truck Load (TL): We haul complete truck loads from one part of the North American continent to the other, respecting tight and specific shedules. Our attention to details enables us to deliver without errors and complications, within the specified delays and to ensure the integrity of the merchandise.
  • Less than Truck Load (LTL): We offer the complete LTL service in Quebec and Ontario. We also offer this service in the Maritimes and Western Canada through agreements with recognized partners.
  • In the U.S.: The LTL service in the US reduces the shipments to a minimum and delivers the merchandise directly to destination. There is no waste of time and less risk of damaging the loads. You benefit from short deliveries and safety of your shipped goods.
  • Intermodal: We combine maritime container transportation with TL and LTL services. We also offer stuffing and unstuffing  services to free up containers faster and reduce your costs.
  • Transborder : Our transborder service delivers the merchandise to the U.S. or hauls American products to Canada in record time. Thanks to our precise logistical process (link), the reliability of our IT systems and our perfect master of customs’ operations, we deliver fast.
  • Specialized : No matter what your shipping needs are, we can help you. With the help of our Rollex divisions, Transport TBM and Sycamore (U.S.), we can offer you specialized services such as:
    • Wind mill transportation
    • Glass shipping
    • Waste material shipping
    • We are recognized by the Canadian and U.S. customs.  As such, we can deliver customs merchandise between two customs warehouses.

We also use the customs Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS). The latter enables us to transmit shipment information in advance to the border.

OUR SERVICES of warehousing and distribution

WE OFFER YOU: more than 2.5 million sq. ft. of warehousing in 20 different warehouses in Montreal (16), Toronto (2) and Québec (2); logistical services are offered by specialists who benefit from the support of the dispatching systems and load planning; stock management with the help of warehousing management software (WMS) with RFID, which enables a real-time tracking of the stocks.

Source : Robert

Robert Transport
4075, Villeneuve Street,
Lac-Mégantic (Québec) G6B 2C2
t. 819 583-2230

Couët Inc.

Couët inc.





TL or LTL transport in the provinces of Québec and Ontario and in the U.S.


  • Our fleet is composed of flat beds with 2, 3 or 4 axles. Our trucks are equipped with tracking systems enabling a control over the operations and shipment tracking.
  • We are certified C-TPAT, partnership with the U.S. against terrorism.
  • We have special licenses for the following total loads:
    • 100 000 lb (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachussetts)
    • 107 000 lb (New York)
    • 117 000 lb (New York)

Source : Couët Inc.

Couët Inc.
3654, Lemieux Street,
Lac-Mégantic (Québec) G6B 1S7
t. 819 582-5112


Normandin Transit

Transport – Warehousing  – Distribution

Normandin transportFounded in 1988, Normandin Transit has grown very rapidly due to its specialty: TL and LTL transportation of merchandise from Canada and the U.S.

Our team rapidly grasped the importance of exports in the world economy and developed a partnership approach to better answer the needs of Canadian companies.

Normandin Transit 1NORMANDIN TRANSIT ranks 8th amongst the 25 largest trucking fleets in Québec. We have a fleet of 330 vehicles with an average three years of age, and of 968 trailers.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT’ mission has always been to go beyond the simple transport between the shipping and delivery points. This is why NORMANDIN TRANSIT’ experience of has become part of all our partner clients’ success .

Source : Normandin Transit

Normandin Transit
151 Boul. Industriel
Napierville, Quebec
J0J 1L0
t. 1 800 667-8780