A Modern Industrial Park

The industrial park in Lac-Mégantic offers all the necessary infrastructures to new industrial firms. It is fully serviced with a sanitary/storm sewer system, as well as a water supply system.

Detailed Description of the Industrial Park of Lac-Mégantic

Transport & Logistics

The industrial park of Lac-Mégantic is home to an integrated intermodal transport which facilitates the transport of merchandises from door to door. Thanks to the direct rail access, a modern intermodal center, a well-establish road network with major transport companies, companies are allowed greater flexibility for shipping and receiving merchandises.

A Performing Fire Department at your Service

The Fire Department service of the Mégantic region relies on a dedicated and well-trained team of firemen working with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the security of the citizens.

Fire Department Service

Drinking Water: An Exceptional Quality

In Lac-Mégantic, the drinking water comes from a protected and deep aquifer. Strict controls also enable the town to offer an exceptional quality of drinking water.

Drinking Water Quality in Lac-Mégantic