Downtown Reconstruction Master Plan – City of Lac-Mégantic


Plan directeur de reconstruction du centre-ville de Lac-Mégantic
Downtown Reconstruction Master Plan– City of Lac-Mégantic

The reconstruction of the new downtown is an important opportunity to diversify the economy. New activities will be launched offering high-quality jobs that can attract new residents and new families, and stimulate population growth for Lac-Mégantic and the region.






Mégantic: Canada’s Unique Wood Cluster

Unique wood cluster250 companies within a 100 km radius

Integrated value chain: sawmills, specialty engineered wood, Kraft-recycled pulp, hardwood plywood and veneer, panels, furniture, flooring, windows and doors, wood pellets, etc.

Home to the largest particleboard plant in North America: Tafisa

Export oriented companies – mostly to the U.S.

Universities, colleges and specialized R&D networks: SEREX Mégantic, Service Intégré du Bois (SIB), Oléotek, Mecanium

A strong entrepreneurial culture and presence of multinationals