An Exceptional and Affordable Quality of Life!

famille_dehors_31285801Living in Lac-Mégantic is to profit from an exceptional quality of life. Located on the shore of lake Mégantic, the City of Lac-Mégantic is unique. Outdoor aficionados will be delighted by the bike paths, parks, golf clubs and marina, all accessible within minutes of the City’s major areas. You will be amazed by the new concept for the downtown area.

Access to affordable housing is facilitated by the very competitive costs, as compared with the rest of the country. For the home owner or tenant, the monthly housing cost is a lot less expensive in Lac-Mégantic than other cities in Québec.

The median monthly payment for tenants is $188 lower in Lac-Mégantic compared to Québec as a whole. Home owners have a median monthly payment $149 lower than others in Québec (Source: MRC du Granit – 2012).

With a comprehensive network of education and health services, Lac-Mégantic offers you an exceptional, yet affordable place to live and work.

With a very low crime rate, Lac-Mégantic is a safe and secure environment for families.


The City of Lac-Mégantic: Family Policy

Untitled-1For more than two decades, the City of Lac-Mégantic has made the family one of its priorities. The City has adopted the most recent policy: “Family and Seniors Policy 2014-2016”. This was implemented in 1987 in order to adapt the service offering to the challenges of today, specifically in response to the new family models and the aging population.

Since 1994, the City has put in place a Family Orientation City Commission composed of 12 participating citizens. The five areas of interventions are: recreation and culture, community life, environment and city planning, public safety and protection of families, and economy. To help support parents and children, the City of Mégantic and the region benefit from the presence of the Maison de la Famille du Granit.


Outdoor activities, sports and culture

The Mégantic region overflows with a diverse array of accessible activities. This region thrills the REAL outdoorsman, the water sports and cycling enthusiast, the  festivals and special events aficionado, the professional or amateur astronomer, and the one who just wants to observe and  take all the richness of our landscape.

The City of Lac-Mégantic offers a program of recreational, sports and cultural activities that meet the needs of citizens and delight the tourists. The recreation and cultural service of the City of Lac-Mégantic ensures smooth running of the activities and provides information about its many associations and clubs:

Here is a sneak peak at some of the region’s assets, as well as of its outdoors, cultural and sports activities, special events, accommodations, etc.

Outdoors and Sports


The City of Lac-Mégantic abounds in cultural activities. The city has also established a Cultural Committee to continuously improve the area’s cultural offering. Here is an overview of many of the region’s cultural activities that are a delight for both residents and visitors:


Commerce Lac-Mégantic offers this interactive map to help you discover Lac-Mégantic as a shopping destination!

Destination Lac-MéganticThe Mégantic commercial offering has everything you need for any occasion: restaurants, clothing, footwear, accommodation, gifts, health & wellness, and more! Destination Lac-Mégantic is first and foremost an invitation to visit our commercial and touristic businesses.

This interactive platform becomes a gateway to unique discoveries, historical sites, as well as to the local assets and specialties. You can browse the map at random or by category, seeking encounters with dedicated merchants whose warm welcome and enthusiastic offers will certainly inspire you.

Discover Lac-Mégantic in just a few clicks, and learn more about the different commercial promotions and the numerous events organized throughout the region. At the heart of the MRC du Granit, the city of Lac-Mégantic and its 6000 inhabitants will surprise you as much by their passion, as by their economic, cultural and social vitality.

Destination Lac-Mégantic: a complete and essential point of entry for anyone who wishes to promote buying locally, or to make his stay in Lac-Mégantic even more enjoyable.