Québec Education System

The Québec education system is composed of:

  • A public network offering K-12 to university education;
  • A network of private institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education offering the official educational programs;

Schooling Levels /Years

LevelsNumber of years in school
Pre-school1-2 years
Junior school6 years
High school5 years
College (CEGEP)2-3 years
Bachelor3-4 years
Master2 years
Doctorate3 + years

Junior and High School Education

Junior education comprises six years of study, excluding pre-school. High school education is five years of study. The total duration for junior and high school education is 11 years.

Starting from the 3rd or 4th year in high school, the student can choose to learn a trade. This training is sanctioned by a trade diploma (DEP – Diplôme d’études professionnelles).

The diploma associated with the completion of high school studies is a DES (Diplôme d’études secondaires). This diploma gives access to the first level of graduate training, provided here in Québec by a unique institution: CEGEP (Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel).

College Education

The college network offers pre-university and technical programs. The pre-university programs last two years and prepare for university. The technical programs last three years and lead to the job market as technicians, but can also lead to university programs. Students obtain a DEC (Diplôme d’études collégiales) following completion of either program.

The college network also offers short technical programs which lead to an AEC diploma (Attestation d’études collégiales). Enrollment in these programs are mainly for adults (18 years and over). Finally, some CEGEPs offer the international baccalaureate program.

University Education

University education comprises three levels:

The first level is the bachelor’s degree, obtaines after three or four years full time, depending upon the field of study. This diploma allows the student to access the job market or pursue a Master’s degree.

Programs of one year are offered and sanctioned by a certificate. These are offered at the bachelor level. Cumulating three certificates can in certain circumstances lead to a bachelor’s degree.

The second level leads to a Master’s degree after two years of full time study ending with a thesis or internship, depending if the Master’s degree is more research or practice oriented.

One-year programs sanctioned by a DESS (Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) or a Master’s certificate are also offered at this level.

At the 3rd level, the Ph.D’s (doctorate) studies usually lead to a career in research. Students can graduate at this level after three years of full-time study, including the thesis.


In the Mégantic Region

The region includes the Hauts-Cantons School Board which consist of 12 elementary schools, the Polyvalente Montignac for secondary-level training, the Centre de formation Le Granit (vocational training, business services and customised training), the Maison familiale rurale du Granit (training in agriculture and forestry) as well as the Centre d’études collégiales de Lac-Mégantic (pre-university and technical training). The latter offers a modern video-conferencing room that makes it easy to establish a virtual connection with other teachers and learning institutions (part of the Hauts-Cantons School Board).

Within the MRC territory, we also find two other school boards that provide educational services to four municipalities: the Beauce-Etchemin School Board for the primary schools in the municipalities of Courcelles, Saint-Ludger and Saint-Robert-Bellarmin and the Appalaches School Board offering services to the Stratford elementary school.

Within a radius of less than 100 km, employers and citizens of the Mégantic region also have access to other collegiate institutions such as the following CEGEP: Beauce-Appalaches, Thetford Mines and Sherbrooke. The École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce also bears mentioning. Finally, three universities are also nearby : the Centre universitaire des Appalaches, the Université de Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University.

Below is an overview of educational institutions and their programs in the Mégantic region:

Centre de formation Le Granit
Diploma of vocational studies (DEP)Forest management
Industrial machinery operation
Forestry worker
Maison familiale rurale du Granit (MFR)
Diploma of vocational studies (DEP)Manual cutter
Light vehicle maintenance
Dairy production
Cattle production
Maple production
Sales consultant
Centre d’études collégiales de Lac-Mégantic

Diploma of collegial studies (DEC)Technical programs:
Special education
Early chilhood education
Accounting and management
Pre-university programs:
Natural sciences
Language and civilization options
Centre Intégré de Mécanique Industrielle de la Chaudière (CIMIC) à Saint-Georges
Vocational, collegiate and university (programs) diplomas DEP, DEC, Bachelor’s DEP
Industrial design
Industrial controls
Industrial mechanics
CNC machining
Production manufacturing of structures
Welding and assembly
Auto mechanics
Auto body work
Civil engineering
Industrial engineering
Graphical communication project management
Mechanical design
Production management
Supply management
Bachelor’s :
In collaboration with the Centre universitaire des Appalaches, Université Laval and Université du Québec
CEGEP Beauce-Appalaches
Diploma of college studies (DEC)Vocational programs:
Physical therapy
Civil engineering
Industrial engineering
Early chilhood education
Special education
Accounting and management
Information technology
Graphical communication project management
Pre-university programs:
Natural science
Humanities sciences
Arts and letters : linguistics and communications option
Arts and letters: languages option
Creative arts
Natural sciences/Creative arts
Centre d’innovations en mécanique industrielle
Website Mecanium
Accredited by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB)
Elite program:
Program built by 50 recognized Quebec entrepreneurs – with 3 components:
-The entrepreneur-athlete
-The environment
-The business
Entrepreneurial bootcamp series :
EXOR program:
100 hours with 10 Quebec entrepreneurs of their choice
FORE program:
20 hours of networking training with 10 leading Quebec entrepreneurs
CEGEP de Thetford

Centre for Mineral and Plastic Technology (Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie)

Oléotek – Centre for oleochemistry transfer (Centre de transfert en oléochimie)
Transformation physico-chimique appliquée aux huiles et aux graisses animales et végétales.
Diploma of college studies (DEC)Vocational programs:
Special education
Accounting and management
Office management
Information technology
Mechanical engineering
Plastics processing
Industrial technology
Mineral technology
Pre-university programs:
Natural sciences
Arts and letters
CEGEP de Sherbrooke
Diploma of college studies (DEC)Vocational programs
Biomedical analysis
Respiratory therapy
Physical therapy
Animal health
Farm management and operations
Lab technician: Biotechnologies
Civil engineering
Industrial maintenance
Mechanical engineering
Computerized systems technology
Electronic technology (telecommunications)
Industrial electronics technology
Law enforcement
Early childhood education
Special education
Social work
Accounting and management
Retail management
Office management
Computer systems
Graphic Design
Pre-university programs:
Natural science
Information science and mathematics
Arts and letters
Creative arts
Science, arts and letters
History and civilization
Champlain College
Diploma of college studies (DEC)Pre-university programs
Health Science Profile
Pure and Applied Science Profile
Computer Science and Mathematics
General Profile
Mathematics Profile
Commerce Profile
Psychology Profile
Criminology Profile
Social Science
Languages and Communication
Creative Arts
Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC)
Creative Arts Profile (ALC)
Languages and Communication Profile (ALC)
Visual Arts
Liberal Arts (Histoire et civilisation)
Technical programs
Special Care Counselling
Accounting and Management Technology
Computer Science Technology
Centre universitaire des Appalaches

3 locations:
Thetford Mines
University-level diplomas (Certificates, higher-education diplomas, Master’s, etc.)Programs offered:
Business administration
Social science
Activities for retirees and public workshops
Training for business organisations
Université de Sherbrooke
University degrees (Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate)Undergraduate and graduate programs in the following faculties:
Business Administration
Physical and sports education
Letters and humanities
Medecine and health sciences
Theology and religious studies
Third age university
International students
Continuing education
Research and innovation – 29 research centers:
Biology, Health, Computer science, Materials, Photonics, etc.

75 research chairs

9 centers of excellence (arthritis, 21st century automobiles, etc.)

The Parc Innovation of the Université de Sherbrooke
Bishop’s University
University-level diplomas (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate)Undergraduate and graduate programs in the following faculties:
Natural sciences and mathematics
Social science
School of education
Williams School of Business
Continuing education
International students and exchange programs