Attraction, a Quebec-based apparel manufacturer and decorator for 37 years, employs more than 100 people at its facility in Lac-Drolet, in the Eastern Townships. The company designs, manufactures, and decorates apparel which are distributed all over Canada.

Specialized in the promotional apparel for events, enterprises, and souvenir outlets, the company has been growing strongly in the last few years.

This sustained growth owes in part to the Ethica brand produced and decorated in Lac-Drolet. The sales are growing year after year, leading to the hiring of new employees at the facility and the addition of a new production line in January 2017, to support the growth and a larger products offering.

To follow the rapid developments, the many efforts to fill the different positions are ongoing at a regular pace. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t escape the challenge of attracting employees in the textile industry.  Why? Old myths related to this industry may stop potential candidates from applying. It is very important to set the record straight.

Below, we present positive facts as observed at the company Attraction Inc. which shed a new light on these old myths or misconceptions.

Textile, It’s High Tech!

Usine Attraction Lac-Deolet

When one thinks about the textile industry, many still have this vision of the textile « shop », with the constant noise, the dust, hard work, and low pay, etc.

In fact, the textile industry today looks more like this (see pictures below)! An environment built around new technologies and creativity. The textile industry has modernized itself as did the others in the traditional sectors today. At Attraction, the installations dedicated to the garment manufacturing have been modernized and adapted to produce at a sustained pace. Many thousands of dollars have been invested in the recent years in new sewing machines and high tech screen printing equipment.

You are an ideal candidate to come and support our production of decorated apparel at Attraction. First, you will find competitive salaries and attractive work conditions. Moreover, you will also be offered a real career plan in a field where you can share your creativity in your work.

Here is what some employees who chose this path are saying:

“I have worked in different trades in my life, but I came back to the one I was in when I was 16 because I love sewing. The work atmosphere here at Attraction is very nice and the production process is very efficient” Sylvie Maheux, sewing machine operator, has been 2 years with Attraction.

“I like my work to be physical and not boring. My tasks are stimulating and it keeps me on my toes. In addition, I appreciate helping my colleagues with other tasks when I have time”. Isabelle Audet, packing assistant, has been 2 years with Attraction.

“What I love in my work is the mutual aid and the team spirit which are strong between the colleagues in all departments. Also, I appreciate that management is helping the workers to balance work and family”. Karine Lessard, embroidery operator, has been 18 years with Attraction.

“I love the dynamism of my colleagues which brings a lot to the work atmosphere. I appreciate also the importance put on the balance of work and family. Also, there is great mutual aid between the departments to find solutions.” Nadia Falardeau, screen printing and maintenance supervisor, has been 17 years with Attraction.

“There is a lot of variety in my work; it is far from being repetitive. I don’t see my days go by. The working environment with my colleagues are very enjoyable.” Manon Royer, general help, has been 24 years with Attraction.

« Attraction is a dynamic company which is always renewing itself. I am proud to work for this prosperous enterprise.” Mario Lacroix, identification coordinator, has been 23 years with Attraction.

The jobs are also much more diversified compared to decades ago. Attraction is therefore looking, not only for sewing machine operators, but also people working at decorating apparels, embroidery operators or screen printing operators, screen printing assistant, general help, etc.

Proud employees transmitting Quebec know-how in the garment industry!

Employees who are designing and producing the Ethica apparel at Attraction can be proud; they are giving life to quality and ethical products that are winning prizes year after year in the Canadian promotional apparel market, in addition to satisfying prestigious clients.

Every year, Attraction wins different awards at the PPPC (Promotional Product Professionals of Canada), in the category “Made in Canada” as well as in categories to celebrate original identification techniques. In February 2016, the Ethica collection won in Toronto the PPPC Image Award in the “Made in Canada” category from the Association of Promotional Product Professionals of Canada.

Moreover, Attraction’s apparels are regularly showcased in prestigious publications in their industry, such as the magazine Marketingedge.

The company recently was granted the exclusive distribution license for the visuals by the Anderson Design Group, confirming Attraction’s position as a leader in the tourism promotion apparel market.

Enviable Working Conditions!

Attraction offers quality jobs, unionized, safe, and accessible with competitive salaries and group insurance.

All employees are supported by continued training.

All holidays are granted.

Working stations are ergonomically laid out. Work spaces are large, clean and bright.

Compensation is hourly-based (not piece work), which was the case in the textile industry before.

Work-family balance is an important value at this family company. The ambiance is healthy; the team is dynamic, acts with respect, and is focused on helping each colleague.

Do your part to buy local! Come and make homegrown garments!

The success of Attraction’s Ethica brand is part of a larger phenomenon called « reshoring ». In fact, many textile manufacturers (and other traditional sectors) have repatriated their production activities, in part or in whole, to North America (or Europe). With time, manufacturers understood the advantages of producing locally and catering to a new demand from certain segments of the market: better quality control, better cost control, direct impact in local economy, diversity of jobs created, the transmission and conservation of Canadian know-how in the textile industry, encouraging creativity along the whole process, and proximity with final buyers.

Of course, people will always look, in certain markets, for the lowest price possible when it comes time to buy clothes. However, beyond mere quantity, people are also yearning for quality and signification when they buy something.

Don’t miss your chance to showcase to the world the many benefits of a working in a closely-knit community.

Visit our website www.attraction.com

Contact Ms. Aline Quirion for more info on employment opportunities: T. 819-549-2477 ext. 246; aquirion@attraction.com