Rail Transport and Sustainable Development

Since time immemorial, industrial people have sought to establish near the railroads, anticipating many economic advantages.

Transport by rail is also recognized as a collective mode of transportation which has low CO2 emissions and is considered a sustainable mode of transportation.

Rail is many times more economical compared to trucking: consuming two to three times less energy.

Lac-Mégantic is in a position to offer you this alternative locally for your transportation needs.


Direct Rail Access in the Industrial Park

With the availability of intermodal transport, the use of rail transport is an easy solution for companies.

Railroad Map – Lac-Mégantic Industrial Park


logo CMQCentral Maine & Québec Railroad (CMQ) offers clients an efficient method to transport goods from Montreal to the Atlantic Coast (Maine).

The most common types of shipped goods are forest products, construction material, chemical products, cereal products and energy products.

Under the direction of John Giles who has more than 45 years of experience in the railroad industry with CSX and as CEO of RailAmerica, CMQ is planning to become a leader in the Tier 2 railroad industry.

For a larger image of the CMQ rail tracks map

CMQ service-map