Intermodal transshipments via rail and roads

The region wishes to diversify its economy towards promising new sectors, is adapting to change and is open to innovation. By developing new services within its industrial park, the City of Lac-Mégantic is directly supporting this strategy.

The construction of a rail link enabled the industrial park to possess a strategic asset for the attraction of new industries, while offering more services to the existing companies. This project supports and stimulates the development of the park, positioning it as a unique location for rail and road transportation.



Logi-Bel offers logistical services for manufacturing companies located within the Granit region and beyond. American companies use Logi-Bel to supply the Canadian market.

Logi-Bel is located in the Industrial Park of the City of Lac-Mégantic’s,  the heart of Granit region, bordered by the Beauce and Amiante regions, and at an optimal distance from the major markets serviced by road or rail.

Logi-Bel has a 4,645 m2 (50,000 sq. ft.) secure warehouse and offers turnkey logistical services – from handling to indoor or outdoor receiving/shipping via the loading docks.

The real-time online management of the stocks  is also offered, as well as customs services.

Services :

  • Direct rail access – Central Maine & Quebec (CMQ) linked to Canadian Pacific (CP) and Canadian National (CN) railroads
  • Outdoor services with the possibility of three rail cars
  • Indoor services with the possibility of three rail cars
  • Outdoor services with 450 meters (1476 ft.) of rail access
  • Management of different types of dry or packaged goods: wood, steel, granite, etc.

Source : Logi-Bel

Logi-Box – The Portable Warehouse: a simple and efficient solution to moving and warehousing, for residential, commercial or industrial needs

Logi-BoxLogi-BoxLandlords, tenants, students, business owners, are you planning a move? Do you need seasonal warehousing? Do you need to archive and secure documents? Do you have a surplus of inventory or material?

Avoid the many trips back and forth or truck/trailer leasing. LOGI-BOX comes directly to you.

We deliver to your location the number of containers you need
You load according to your needs and you lock it for safety
We pick them up and warehouse them in a secure and accessible location

Source : Logi-Box

“The region’s unique railroad service gives us several advantages that facilitate operations for several companies, in the region and in the U.S,, who need to facilitate their shipments in Quebec. This is an important infrastructure for the region, which can help many businesses looking to establish themselves in the region. As an example – for a European company – it would take away a lot of transportation and logistics worries. Finally, we must mention the high quality of workers in our company, which is also a characteristic of the people from this region.”

Mr. Béland Audet, General Manager at Logi-Bel Inc.