Support Organizations – Workforce Recruitment

Attracting and keeping a skilled workforce is a challenge for all  industrialized nations. It is also a challenge for  companies to adapt to the new realities of the labor market. The Megantic region can count on organizations that work together to help both employers and workers.

The mission of these organisations includes assisting the employers to improve their human resources management and external recruitment – to increase the overall workforce in the region and fulfill the employers’ requirements.

The workers (future and local) will find all they need in terms of information and help from the following organizations:

Emploi Québec
Website Emploi Québec
Phone: 1 819 583-1500
For job offers, but also for job placement assistance, for subsidized training (individual or group), for hiring and training or for massive layoffs and repositioning, coaching support to entrepreneurs, including self-employed workers, for their training needs and workforce retraining needs in general.
Intro-Travail/Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi
Website Intro-travail / Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi du Granit
Intro-Travail sector: 1 819 583-2081
Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi sector: 1 819 583-1101
Toll Free Number: 1 877 583-2081
Fax: 1 819 583-2084
Assistance and introduction to the job market for young, and not so young, people interested in relocating to the region. Specific programs for 35 years and under (help and integration). Jobs for the spouse.
Plogg – Mégantic region
Website: Plogg Mégantic
Phone: 1 819 583-1011
Social Media 2.0 aimed at integration via sports and hobbies shared by groups of all ages.
Website: Mégantic RegionSection on job offers and diverse information about the region.
L'Écho de Frontenac
Website L'Écho de Frontenac
Phone: 1 819 583-1630
Employment section of the local newspaper

Support Agencies: Networks and References in the Wood Sector

SEREX MéganticSEREX WebsiteResearch and expertise in the wood product transformation industry – newly opened in June 2012 – setting up as sub-branch of the Centre collégial de transfert technologique (CCTT) in the Megantic region. SEREX Mégantic benefits from the presence of an expert in the wood sector – Mr. Nicolas Pearson (FP Innovations).
Contact: Mr. Pierre Bédard, GM of Serex, Phone: 418-629-2288 ext 222
Projet ACCORD EstrieÉconomie innovation et exportation Québec – Estrie region WebsiteSegment – Composite and appearance wood processing
Directory of wood products in Estrie Produits du bois en Estrie WebsiteDirectory of wood products in Estrie by category (furniture, doors and windows, panels, plywood et veneer, etc.)
Centre interrégional de veille stratégiqueService intégré du bois WebsiteImplemented through the ACCORD project – the Centre provides sector-specific information and support positioning activities for companies.
Note: SIB – Service Intégré du Bois.
Workforce trainingService intégré du bois WebsiteCooperative training program – wood sector
Réseau InnoboisService intégré du bois WebsiteTechnical and technological support adapted to the needs of the businesses.
FPInnovations WebsiteFP Innovations is a non-profit world leader organization specialized in the creation of technical/scientific solutions to support the world competitiveness of the Canadian forestry sector, and which assists with the priority issues of its industrial members and governmental partners. FP Innovations benefits from an ideal position to conduct research, innovate and deliver solutions through every step of the forestry value chain, from forestry operations to consumers/industrial products.
Centre de recherche industriel du Québec WebsiteLe Centre de recherche industriel (CRIQ) : a unique and integrated expertise center aimed at creating, finding and facilitating innovations that will profit the development and competitiveness of the Québec companies. By mobilizing their resources and partners, the innovators at CRIQ bring practical solutions regardless of the complexity of the problem.

Support Organization: Networks and References in the Agrofood Sector

Centre local de développement de la MRC du Granit (CLD)CLD du Granit WebsiteTailored support for entrepreneurs and companies.
Professional services to companies (entrepreneur, existing company, including those in the social economy sector)

- Establishes strengths and weaknesses of the project;
- Offers operational guidance;
- Supports the implementation of your business plan;
- Helps with access to governmental programs and financing with financial institutions;
- Implements management tools at different levels (production, HR, finance, quality…);
- Identifies development opportunities and fosters networking with other businesses;
- Supports the development of infrastructures appealing to investments (industrial buildings, infrastructures, etc.).

La Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) – Mégantic regionSADC Mégantic Region WebsitePartner in your business projects

Start-up, acquisition, or expansion/consolidation project – the SADC is there for you!

Term loan financing can reach $150k

Complements financing from traditional institutions.

To file a loan application at SADC:
- Company must be located within the MRC du Granit territory;
- The project must create new jobs or maintain existing ones;
- The project must demonstrate the viability of the company.
Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation Québec (MAPAQ) - EstrieMAPAQ Estrie WebsiteActions for today and a vision for tomorrow

The MAPAQ influences and supports the growth of the Québec agrofood industry in a perspective of sustainable development.
It can help in production, transformation, commercialization and in consumption of agricultural, marine and food products.
It plays a key role in terms of R&D and training.

Accessibility, know-how and field knowledge.

The 1,800 MAPAQ employees have diverse backgrounds and training, and 70% of them are present in the 17 administrative regions of Québec.

A diversified and expanded clientele.

The MAPAQ clientele is present in the entire agrofood value chain: producers, manufacturers, retailers and restaurants. Add to that dozens of associations and groups, students from the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire and, of course, consumers from here and elsewhere.
Réseau agriconseils de l’EstrieRéseau agriconseils WebsiteFacilitates access to professional services

Available to all agricultural enterprises, the Agriconseils networks are present in all the regions of Québec. Their core mission is to facilitate access to professional assistance in the areas of livestock management, financial management, farm succession, etc.

"To help agricultural producers in the management of their business"

Their professional services can play an important role with the producers in supporting the decision-making process and management of their business. Often necessary to the improvement of their performance, help from a professional can somrtimesbe essential for the survival and continuity of the business.
Clubs conseils en agroenvironnement (CCAE)CCAE WebsiteThe CCAE is formed by groups of volunteer agricultural producers. Their mission is to offer the other members and customers cutting-edge expertise in agro-environment, and guide them in implementing sustainable methods in agriculture.

The professional services offered by the CCAE are grouped under six themes:

1. Improvement of the fertilizers management practices;
2. Reduction and reasonable use of pesticides;
3. Adoption of cultural practices for conservation;
4. Planning and protection of water sources;
5. Reduction of greenhouse gas;
6. Improvement of biodiversity and harmonious cohabitation.

More than 8,900 agricultural establishments are members of the 75 CCAE, and 316 counsellors are helping them in their agro-environment endeavours.
Agri réseauAgri réseau WebsiteAre you looking for scientific or technical information? Visit the AgriRéseau Website and choose your sector of interest – you will find articles, technical data sheets, statistics, research papers, and many more documents.
Coopérative d'utilisation de matériel agricole (CUMA)CUMA WebsiteCUMA is a co-op helping its members obtain the necessary means to manage their agricultural business.

Founded with at least five agricultural enterprises, CUMA aims at putting machinery, equipment, inputs, and tools in common to help members reduce their operational cost.