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Nuno ID Inc.
Marie-Josée Loiselle
Phone: 514-574-6641
E-mail: Marie-Josée Loiselle

Marie-Josée Loiselle
Marie-Josée Loiselle

Marie-Josée worked for more than ten years in international business development, attracting foreign investments to Montreal. She helped develop financing strategies (venture capital) and headed business development efforts in the U.S. and Europe. She also joined the management team of a California-based biotechnology company that set up operations in Montreal at the end of the ’90s.

In 2003, she founded Nuno ID Inc., an economic and international business development consulting firm that helps companies penetrate the Canadian markets. Nuno ID also assists economic development organizations on matters such as foreign investments and global economic trends.

Marie-Josée is frequently asked to comment on economic issues, in the media (Canal Argent, LCN, 98,5FM, Journal Les Affaires, etc.); she also writes a column (FreedomTalk) for the Canadian Money Saver magazine. She adheres to the economic principles of the Austrian school of economics, and you can read some of her articles in her blog at

Marie-Josée holds a bachelor (BSc) in economics from Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree in public administration from ÉNAP (École nationale d’Administration publique – Montréal).

Marie-Josée has a passion for classical dressage which she practices with her “Canadian” horse in Hudson, Québec.

Marie-Josée is fluent in French and English.

Marie-Claude Arguin

Deputy City Manager
City of Lac-Mégantic
5527, Frontenac Street,
Suite 200
Lac-Mégantic (Québec)
Canada G6B 1H6
Phone: 819 583-2441
Fax: 819 583-5920
E-mail: Marie-Claude Arguin

Marie-Claude Arguin
Marie-Claude Arguin

Marie-Claude is from Lac-Mégantic, but since graduating from University in 1991, she has lived and worked in eight of the Canadian provinces and territories, in addition to the United States, Europe and South Asia.  By the age of 35, she had already traveled, both for personal and business purposes, to all continents with the exception of South America.  Marie-Claude has therefore experienced, already in her young adult life, several different cultures and economy systems.

Marie-Claude has 25 years of professional experience in management.  Although she focused extensively on all facets of projet management: human, material and financial resources, Marie-Claude has always worked under the umbrella of crisis management.  It is a specialty and a passion that she developed over the past two decades, and hopes will be beneficial to her latest mission: to contribute positively to the recovery and revitalization of Lac-Mégantic.

A graduate from the Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario, with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Physics, Marie-Claude later obtained a Master Degree in Strategic Leadership. It is therefore the marriage of her professional experience with her love for her youth’s community that has brought her back to Lac-Mégantic.  Supported by her husband and two boys, Marie-Claude decided, shortly after the events of July 6 2013, to go back to her roots and home to give a hand with the recovery efforts.