Bright Future Ahead!

Endowed with great natural potential, the City of Lac-Mégantic has built a sustainable development vision, motivated by economic prosperity and the preservation of the quality and beauty of its environment.

This vision, combined with the development of infrastructures and services in health, education, recreation and culture, enables the region to offer an exceptional quality of life and be attractive to any individual looking to prosper professionally and personally.

The City of Lac-Mégantic, its industrial park and quality of life are the answer to overcrowded urban centers.

Investors and entrepreneurs, your successful project starts here in Lac-Mégantic!

Reinvent the City

60313519_LacMEC_Plan avec réinventée la ville.inddOur objective is to define a new downtown that will cater the needs for a dynamic City and region, and which will contribute to the local and regional economy.

The challenges are numerous and important. Still, this reconstruction offers the Méganticois a unique opportunity to have access to a city center that is functional, attractive, prosperous, user-friendly, welcoming, green and up lifting. A dynamic city center that reflects the contemporary values of its citizens,  a responsible, modern and sustainable city center.

The reconstruction of the downtown area offers a unique opportunity to stimulate the establishment of new activities in the city to diversify the economy. Up to now, many ideas have flourished: a business incubator, shared office space for sole independant workers/business travelers, an expertise center on crisis management or citizens’ engagement, a training/study center on rail security, etc.

New activities will take hold, creating new high skill jobs, attracting new residents and new families.

Lac-Mégantic invites all investors and entrepreneurs to inquire on the new possibilities created by the reconstruction of the downtown area.